Gary Hall

Sport/Event: Judo

Weight: under 90kg

Dan Grade: 2nd Dan

Date and Place of Birth: 1990, Bristol

Coached by: Juergen Klinger

Club: Ryu Genk


Gary is an explosive judoka in the under 90kg category. In 2014 he was selected for the European Championships team event, following his silver success at the Pan American Open in Buenos Aires. Hall competed at...

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Ben Fletcher

Event: Judo
Weight: -100kg
Date and Place of Birth: 13 March 1992, Reading, UK
Height: 184 cm
Coached by: Juergen Klinger
Date arrived at Team Bath: June 2010
Clubs: Team Bath, Pinewood Judo Club

Team Bath’s Ben Fletcher attained his first Dan at the age of 17 before moving from his native Reading to...

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Megan Fletcher

Event: under-70kg
Dan Grade Level: 2nd Dan
Date and Place of Birth: 2 August 1989, Reading, UK
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Coached by: Juergen Klinger
Date arrived at Team Bath: July 2007
Course of Study: Graduate of Environmental Science. Also achieved a PGCE in Secondary Geography.
Clubs: Team Bath, Pinewood Judo Club
Occupation: Athlete/Teacher

Biography: Megan started judo in 1994, aged...

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Jan Gosiewski

Event: Under-73kg

Date and Place of Birth: 25 March 1988, London, England

Coached by: Juergen Klinger

Date arrived at Team Bath: September 2006

Course of Study: PhD in Biomechanics


Having first arrived at the University of Bath as an undergraduate in Medical Engineering in 2006, Jan combined his studies with an illustrious sporting career, coached by Team Bath’s Juergen Klinger at the Sports Training Village and supported by a Trendell Sporting...

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Adam Hall

Adam HallSport/Event: Judo

Weight: Under 100kg

Dan Grade Level: 1st Dan

Date and Place of Birth: 1988, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

Coached by: Juergen Klinger

Date arrived at Team Bath: 2007

Course of Study: Sports Performance

Club: Ren Sei Kon (Newcastle), Team Bath

Occupation: Athlete


Adam began his judo career in 1995.

Competitive Record:
2008 English Open – gold
2008 BUSA bronze – team gold
2007 British Closed – 5th
2006 British Closed junior – bronze
2006 British Closed – 5th

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